jeudi 26 février 2015

The destruction of the cultural heritage and the museums of Irak by Daech – ISIS –

Day after day the criminal fighters in Irak and Syria - calling themselves "Daech / The Islamic State", and called by the news agencies "terrorists / Djihadists"- renew their commitment to both the annihilation of any sign related to previous civilizations and the establishment of new structures that would rule our perception of reality.  

After the looting of the Iraqi museums during the second Gulf War in 2003 and more than a decade of foreign occupation, the two previous years gave birth to the most barbarian group in the Arab contemporary history whose blindness gave us these days one of the most hateful acts which was the destruction of the museum of Ninewa (Mosul);

 and as if it were not enough this group is finding within his enemies his best allies.

Thus, those who are claiming fighting terror are regionally the weakest, politically unwilling to choose between political dictatorship and religious fanaticism, and last but not least   economically trading with these criminals who are tearing the region apart: American cars , Japanese trucks, and weapons from all over the world in exchange for cheap oil and some other nasty –and mostly unknown- businesses.

 These insane fanatics have become an essential part of the daily flow of images that are devastating our houses, our TVs and our favourite Internet pages; that are penetrating our minds , and that are normalized for our children who will grow up with this poisonous reality as a possibility that has nothing to be blamed for.

What are  we doing to stop it ? How shall we fight back? Are we doomed to face a gloomy century where freedom will be an exception and barbarity will be the norm?